• Steel Roller Doors & Shutters

Heavy-Duty Steel Roller Doors

At Autoroller we install Industrial Roller Doors in all types of commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Made up of a heavy-duty curtain of interlocking steel laths which move along two vertical tracks and roll-up over the door opening.

All doors come motorised as standard and are fitted with a manual override which can be used to operate the door in the event of a power outage.

Steel Roller Doors & Shutters
Steel Roller Doors & Shutters
Steel Roller Doors & Shutters
Steel Roller Doors & Shutters


Heavy-Duty Steel Lath Construction

Made to measure – Custom Built

Space saving. No horizontal tracks

Minimal maintenance as there are no hinges, cables, etc.

Wide Range of Colours & Finishes

Quick Installation


Remote control operation.

Full auto-option with installed safety edge sensor which prevents accidental damage and injury.

Full Roll Canopy for Exterior Installations

Windlock & Storm-Barriers for High Wind Load Areas

Vented Curtains for Agricultural Applications

Manual / Chain-Driven Doors also available

Colours & Finishes

A wide range of finishes are available with the Galvanised Steel Finish being the most popular. Other options include PVC Plastisol
(see below for Stock Range of Colours) and also Powder Coating where exact colours can be matched.

Steel Roller Doors & Shutters

Colours shown above serve only as a guide. For exact colour
matching, please request an actual sample.

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