Industrial Insulated Roller Doors

Insulated Roller Doors operate like traditional roller shutters which coil around a steel tube over the door opening. The main difference being the curtain which is constructed from foam-filled insulated laths and all-round seals which are integrated into the track system.

This door is a good option when thermal insulation is a consideration without the need to comprise headroom.

  • Insulated Industrial Roller Doors


Insulated Steel Lath Construction

Curtain U-Value 3.3 W/m3K

Made to measure – Custom Built

Space saving. No horizontal tracks

Minimal maintenance as there are no hinges, cables, etc.

Quick Installation


Remote control operation Also, full auto-option with
installed safety edge sensor which prevents accidental
damage and injury.

Double Glazed Vision Panels

Storm Barrier for High Wind-Load Areas

Wide Variety of Colours / Finishes

Colours & Finishes

The Industrial Lath is manufactured from plastisol coated steel which ensures a long lifespan and very good anti-scratch properties.
Standard Plastisol Colours are available but special colours can be requested subject to minimum order quantities.

Insulated Industrial Roller Doors

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